Gone Paleo – Adventures in the Primal Diet

New Year’s day I enjoyed a traditional Southern supper with my family and then Went Primal with this awesome Paleo Meal Plan.

New Year's Feast HeaderThe traditional Southern meal for New Year’s is pork, collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread but this year we changed it up by going with a coastal favorite and substituting shrimp and grits for the pork (which I don’t eat anyway).

Cornbread in Skillet copy Cornbread Slices copy Homemade Champagne copy





I also made the traditional collard greens with bacon and hot sauce as well as black-eyed peas – rehydrated and boiled with more bacon! (My husband is loving this part of the Primal Plan :) )

And RockstarDad experimented with the and a bottle of Riesling to make an incredible homemade champagne!  (The kids had bubbly apple juice – organic and homemade!  They LOVED it.)

Going Primal – Living Paleo

January 2nd we got into the Paleo thing full-swing, starting our morning with a chorizo/egg casserole made with leftover onions, greens and red peppers. Continue reading

{Giveaway} Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

TropTradCoconutOil copyI use coconut oil daily for almost every aspect of life.  I use it for cooking  – both as a butter/vegetable oil substitute and to fry up pretty much anything in the skillet – from eggs and pancakes to sweet potato fries.  I use it for beautiful skin – as a moisturizer, as the primary component of lotions and salves, as a make-up remover and “personal” moisturizer.  (Remember the post I did on how it is a lifesaver for  sore nursing mommies with teething babies?)

Going Paleo this month I am sure to use a ton of coconut oil for cooking and fat/oil supplementation.  It seems like nearly 90% of the Paleo recipes I’ve found call for either coconut oil or coconut cream concentrate.  And the only place I’ve been able to find coconut cream concentrate is through this great company called Tropical Traditions.  Come to find out they also carry great deals on bulk coconut oil and coconut flour, too!

After writing them to find out if they have an affiliate program, which they totally do, I received a free sample of their Gold Label Virgin coconut oil to review and found out that they are willing to offer you readers some, too! Continue reading

{Going Primal} Paleo Meal Plan

Happy New Year, Everybody!

New Year’s day I plan to enjoy a traditional Southern supper with my family and then Go Primal with this awesome Paleo Meal Plan.

Paleo Meal Plan


  • Pork for Progress
  • Collard Greens for Wealth,
  • Black-Eyed Peas for Prosperity and
  • Cornbread!

(We decided to go low-country this year and have shrimp-n-grits instead of pork, but here’s a link to a great description (plus photos) of what the meal means and what it should look like.)  

Isn’t that a great way to start a new year?  With the hope and expectation of progress, economic gain and personal prosperity!

That’s exactly what I’m looking forward to as we Go Primal this January!  Let’s learn something new, lose some weight, get healthy and save some money!

I have a bunch of great offers and giveaways so please tell all your friends!  To start, here is a great offer from Plan To Eat: a free one-month trial of their software and then an automatic 20% off discount for all Cube2Farm readers!  W00t!

Plan to Eat is a fantastic family-run business that doesn’t make you give up your credit card info before giving you the free month’s trial; it really is completely risk free, so please do yourself a favor and at least check them out!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I have planned out all my meals for the first half of January and if you sign up for Plan To Eat you can have access to all of the recipes!  And, oh boy, have I searched and saved all sorts of delicious recipes for you all.  Already I’ve prepared and frozen the following.
Continue reading

{Dairy-Free} My Dad’s Favorite Recipe for Baklava

One of my favorite college professors had a wonderful wife who would teach us how to cook authentic Greek food.  As someone who loved food, but had no idea how to cook, this was a huge opportunity.  (Additionally, as a geeky girl who hung out with the “Classics Department” for fun on the weekends it would also be beneficial in the future to know how to cook in order to get a date, but anywho…)


Mrs. Dr. Beal’s Baklava as adapted by Heather Bryant


Pastry: 1 package of phyllo dough leaves (thawed)

Filling Ingredients:

  • 1 pound (4 sticks) butter, melted and clarified, to brush
  • 3 cups (1 pound) finely chopped or coarsely ground walnuts or almonds
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • ½ teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 cup water, to brush Continue reading

{Motherhood Series} Finale: A Day in the Life of a SAHM

Over the past several months we have been featuring stories from mothers in different stages of life and with different motherhood stories. This is the final post in the Series: we all committed to blogging about our day – Today.  At the end check out links to “a day in the life” of the other mommy bloggers, too!

Monday, December 17th 2012

12:01am – I decide to go back to the kitchen and get the cough syrup because I can’t stop coughing.

1:15am – BulldozerBaby is fussing.  I think he must have wet his diaper.  He is saying something over and over but I don’t understand him.  The cough syrup obviously is working because I fall back asleep despite my concern.

1:45am – I kick nudge RockstarDad and grunt, indicating that he should go change BulldozerBaby’s diaper.  Ever since I stopped nursing BB in July he won’t let me do bedtime or night-changings; he still wants to nurse and will wail bloody murder if I put him to bed.  Ergo RockstarDad gets all middle-o-the-night baby activities.  I am very grateful and yet (slightly, secretly, ashamedly) happy that he gets to do it since I had to for the first 14 months when I got up every three hours to nurse…

3am – I think RockstarDad had to get up again.  I’m not sure.  I think there is codeine in the cough syrup.

5am – BB is wailing again.  RD gets up and changes him again.  I think he turns off his alarm.  He snuggles me.  Because he is awesome.

5:30am – I decide I better get up and take my shower before RD leaves.  Otherwise I might not get one.  (Experience is a cruel teacher.)  I remember to practice gratitude in the shower, praying for everyone and thing I am grateful for.  My mood improves considerably.  I start to do some yoga and get into it about five minutes when BB wakes up screaming.  I get him out of the crib and take him to the kitchen with me.

6:00am – I heat up some leftover dairy-free quiche (frozen in individual serving sizes) for breakfast.  I still have no appetite so I save the rest for RocketGirl.  RockstarDad decides he would rather have a biscuit, but BulldozerBaby devours his quiche.  BB takes his plate to the kitchen all by himself for the first time.  He is adorable.   Both the kids have chores: set and clear the table as soon as they are old enough to walk, help empty the dishwasher, clean up toys, etc. and RocketGirl makes her own bed. 

7:00am- RG rolls out of bed.  She has breakfast at the table and sees the drawings her daddy left for her.  (RD is a pretty good artist.)  RG’s in a great mood and I am so very grateful.  It’s been weeks since the kids have been healthy and happy.  They watch Sesame Street (without whining, hurting one another or bothering me – W00t!) while I work on the computer – checking emails, typing this, etc.

8:00am – I dress the kids and head out the door.  RG has preschool today.  I am grateful for her wonderful teachers.  She is so excited to be back after a week out sick. Continue reading

{Motherhood Series} What to do when Hubby isn’t on board

Welcome back to the “Motherhood” series! This post was written by Brenda at Triple Braided. If you missed the last post in the series, please check back HERE.
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Guest post by Brenda at Triple Braided

So your happily-ever-after is finally coming true. Nesting is in full force. You’re now a wife. You have a baby. And you can settle down and do what your heart has yearned for since you were a little girl – you can be a full-time wife and mommy.

But wait! There’s only one problem!

You kinda forgot, didn’t really think, to talk about that dream conviction with your fiance-now-turned-husband, and he has slightly different plans. “Be a stay-at-home wife and mother? Are you kidding me?” He looks at you with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

Suddenly your dream is crushed. Your convictions seem null and void. You try to rationalize a different way in your mind, but you feel so strongly about the importance of being at home. Then you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. If you’re wrong. If you’re selfish.

Join me, Brenda at Triple Braided, as I unpack what I have learned this past year as a wife with a baby and a husband who wants her to work outside the home despite her desperate desire to be at home!

Home Remedies for Influenza and Recipe for Shower Fizzies

Forgive me for my brevity and tardiness this week.  I am writing this still in the throes of the flu.  Hopefully a couple more days and the fever will have subsided. In the meantime, thought I would provide you with a couple of the homemade remedies I’ve used and ask if you have any suggestions to add to the list!
365 day 48 - Recovering

  1. Chicken Soup with Real Bone Broth – Bone Broth is like the best thing ever to help heal a sick body (second to sleep – oh glorious, elusive SLEEP!).  Canned soup has nothing on all the minerals, proteins and healing agents that a pot of homemade chicken stock can offer.  For a great tutorial on how to make a good one, check out Kitchen Stewardship’s version here.
  2. Vapor Rub Salve – Little ones can’t have menthol or camphor in their chest rubs (ala Vick’s, etc.) plus I don’t like the petroleum jelly base or any of the other weird chemical ingredients that I can’t pronounce so I make my own.  I use the basic recipe for the Sleep Salve (another must-have item) that I shared here and just modify it by replacing those essential oils with Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus instead.
  3. Therapeutic Shower Fizzies/ Bath Bombs – Surprisingly a lot easier to make than I had anticipated.  <>  These are awesome because you put them in the hot shower with you and the release their aroma while you steam.  Just make sure you kick it into the corner so it isn’t under direct water flow.  Added bonus: it cleans the shower floor without any effort from you! Continue reading

Preparing to Go Primal – a month of Reality

Our past week has been a little crazy with not much sleep and a lot of crying.  Babies with ear infections cry.  A lot.  And sleep little.  Sigh.  Then it turned out that the whole family was struck with the real-deal influenza virus.  Ugh.  Have you ever had one of those weeks?  Where being a mama just wears you out?

The whole family, including me, is down for the count.  I guess that’s just one more reason preparing and contingency-planning is so important to me. You may have heard that I am preparing to “Go Primal” January 1st.  Because I am a prepper-type of lady (not to mention completely OCD) I have been doing a ton of groundwork for that day.  Hopefully all my research and planning will help out you, too!

Continue reading

{Motherhood Series} On Being SAHM When Your Husband is Gone a Lot (Part 2)

Welcome back to the “Motherhood” series!  This post was written by LeighAnn Dutton from Christian Mommy Blogger. If you missed the last post in the series, please check back HERE.

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Guest post by LeighAnn Dutton of Intentional By Grace

I’m not a military wife. However, I am a wife with a husband who travels a lot for business. On average, my husband travels once a week for at least a night or two. Sometimes my son and I go with him, but most of the time we’re back home eagerly awaiting his return.

It is exhausting, often times overwhelming, and always a plea for mercy and grace.

But you know what? The above is not my biggest challenge.

Join Leigh Ann at Intentional By Grace to learn more about her biggest challenge with having a traveling husband.

{Compassion Bloggers} It’s About Giving

Compassion International is hosting a campaign called #itsaboutgiving that aims to raise awareness for their sponsorship programs which I have promoted in the past here and here.

By joining the ranks of “Compassion Bloggers” I’ve agreed to write a series of posts this month on what it means to give.

What does giving mean to you?

I love giving just the right gift at just the right time.  That moment when someone’s face truly lights up and I know I’ve done good.  It doesn’t always happen, though.  Even if I’ve spent months working on a homemade gift or searched every store to find exactly what I thought they wanted. Continue reading