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Preschool Reading Projects: BOB Book Printables

While RocketGirl learns all sorts of important social skills, songs, faith messages and crafts at preschool she hasn’t been working on reading or writing at all yet.  So I’ve been working with her at home on her reading skills.

BOB printables

We both love the BOB books.  I wasn’t a fan when I first saw them at the bookstore.  The package is kind of small and the books are very flimsy and poorly illustrated, but that is part of their charm for preschoolers.  The books are not intimidating  – short and easy to read with instructions for parents at the beginning of each book.

I was SO excited when I found out there was a blog ring dedicated to producing free printables to work with preschoolers as they graduate through these books. Continue reading

Free Holiday Printable Preschool Packs

A Round-Up of Some of My Favorite Free Holiday Printable Preschool Packs

New Year’s





Will update as more become available!

Do you have any recommendations for FREE holiday preschool printables? Continue reading

{DIY} Labeling Homemade Salve Jars

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I love making my own baby products: diaper rash creams, salves and lotions.  I’ve shared with you where I get my recipes and ingredients, but now I thought I should share where I get the rest of my supplies! Continue reading

Where to find FREE Preschool Printable Packs

In the past I have blogged about a typical homeschooling day, my experiences using “My ABC Bible verses” as a curriculum, favorite toddler/preschool activities and my favorite apps for RocketGirl.  But I really wanted to create a series of resources including the BEST OF …

… so here is a list of my favorite free printable packs.  I have found many of these from Google and weaned them down over time to include the best of breed.  Others I have found through my subscription to Money Saving Mom.
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{Free Printable} My ABC Bible Verse Flashcards

My ABC Bible Verses

RocketGirl and I have been working through the “” book slowly.  (For details on what a typical lesson looks like please check out my past post on a typical homeschool preschool day.)

While I prefer the NIV version for myself these verses are all King James.  Initially I counted this as a negative, but the more we work through them together I find that they are easier for RocketGirl to memorize.

I found all sorts of cool printable cards online for NIV versions of the ABCs, but none that matched the book that we are using.  So I, of course, felt compelled to make my own.  And they are FINALLY all completed!!  Woo hoo! Continue reading

{Free Printable} Travel Checklist for Moms with Babies, Toddlers, and/or Preschoolers

Traveling with babies, toddlers … children… isn’t easy.  We have been doing a lot of traveling lately 6+ hours per trip.  One way. Last minute.   Needless to say I have gotten really good at packing everything we need for a long weekend in an uncomfortably small car and hotel room with very little notice.  OK, I admit that I have had to buy socks on the road twice now.  And I’ve learned to live with a lot less of the “necessities” I thought I once needed.  But I’ve gotten much better.  I can even pack up the whole house and get everyone out the door on short notice… like 2 hours notice.  Minus the socks, apparently.  (To read more about our recent adventures mastering the art of disaster preparedness check out these posts under “Be Prepared.”) Continue reading

{Free Printable} Starting a Small Farm

The year before our daughter was born my husband and I attended some farming classes hosted by the regional agricultural extension offices.  We met several amazing independent farmers and learned quite a bit about the areas that interested us.

It seems such a daunting task to start a farm; so many stories are rife with failure … including our own first attempt with cattle ranching.  The most successful farms, though, have been started by people who were successful in the corporate arena but decided to venture out on their own.  People, like me, who aren’t afraid of trying something new, even if that means multiple attempts (and failures).   Many of these people, including us, began their farms with absolutely no start-up capital only their wits and bare hands.

While nothing beats hands on experience, I have found the following resources extremely helpful. Continue reading

Toddler and Preschool Activities

I wish I could say that I am extremely organized and that I keep a schedule (or curriculum, as it were) of activities to do with the kids, but I don’t.

On Monday I hurriedly check the calender to see if there are any holidays, birthdays or exciting current events going on and I decide (haphazardly) on a theme for the week.  Some weeks I choose the closest holiday (now Easter) and others I choose a Letter or Number of the Week or, like last week, try to use the new season (Spring) as the basis for most of my activities.

Having a theme helps me narrow down the zillion of craft choices / lessons to a manageable number.  If you are more organized than I am, though, check out the “Tot School” lesson planning resources at 1+1+1=1.  She has some amazing resources and, someday, I plan on getting more organized with her planning printables. Continue reading

Money Management – Free Printable

One of the hardest things to adjust to as a stay-at-home mom is surviving on one income.  I’ve never really been great at budgeting.  I have been able to become disciplined about not spending money on frivolous personal purchases (e.g. shoes!) or things that the kids and I just don’t need, but I still really struggle with budgeting.

I’ve heard that there are some pretty great online tools and apps like Mint, but I can’t bring myself to consolidate all my critical financial data into a single-source for a potential hack despite all the wonderful things I’ve heard about their electronic security.

And, despite all the different books I’ve read and forms I’ve downloaded (i.e. Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey‘s online), I’m just too busy not disciplined enough to regularly update all those spreadsheets.

So, here’s the system that I’ve come up with.  I have this Bill Payment Schedule / Recurring Expense Tracking spreadsheet inserted in my Homemaking Binder and twice a month, when I sit down to pay bills, I put a check mark on each item as I pay it.  If there are items on it that don’t necessarily need to be paid, like Savings, I just make sure that I have enough in the checking account to cover that month’s contribution.  It isn’t a perfect system but it works for me at this stage in my life.  To consolidate my Emergency/Moving information I also added 2 fields on the spreadsheet to include the account number for each item and contact information.

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{Free Printable} Dairy-Free Meal Planning

Our family has all sorts of weird food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Cooking a single meal that caters to everyone’s limitations is a huge challenge – especially when I am busy and have baby-brain-drain.  Usually I spend an hour or so on Saturday morning planning out all of our meals for the week.  If I am doing really good, I finish all the grocery shopping and meal prep by Sunday afternoon.  But that doesn’t always happen.  If I am scrambling to make a meal last minute I often need a reminder of what we are allowed to eat.  In those instances, I resort to my fancy meal planning guide. Continue reading