Cube2Farm is more than just a blog.  Although it started as a dream of the founder to share her stories of leaving professional life as a technologist to homeschooling on a homestead, it has developed into a Community of parents, encouraging one another to be the best mommies/daddies, wives/husbands and stewards we can be.

Founder and Primary Author

Heather Bryant is a Christian, the proud and loving wife of RockstarDad and the grateful mama of RocketGirl and BulldozerBaby.  Heather is passionate about gardening for self-sufficiency, stewardship, organization, and service to others.  She loves science-fiction, all things technology, researching, writing and experimenting in the kitchen.

Tommy Bryant, aka RockstarDad, also writes for Cube2Farm.TommyPortraitHe is a licensed security and fire safety professional with 20 years experience designing, installing, and maintaining life safety and security systems. Tommy is licensed in multiple states and has obtained the highest certification level from NICET.  He is passionate about teaching others about how to be safe and secure at work and at home.  Tommy specializes in perimeter protection, video surveillance, intrusion detection and fire protection technologies.

Contributing Authors

FaithGirlSqPortraitFaithGirl is a Catholic Christian and proud wife of the GreekMcGyver and blessed mother of two precious boys. She is a former youth minister and counselor turned stay-at-home. In her spare time (if any) she loves to take walks, read, cook and bake, and play outside with her boys.

“Jeans with a Nice Handbag” is a typical wild child who fell in love with a Mr. Conservative and came to realize she did want the car, house, dog and eventually a child. Although she now has happily accepted the husbandkid will always be with her she still has her motorcycle helmet in storage and once in awhile wears something to show off her tattoos.

Lynne is a freelance journalist and a published author (“,” 2008.)  She also maintains a blog - Making An Xtra Ordinary Difference - to offer encouragement and inspiration to those who are trying to find new ways to making a difference in this world.

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  1. Hi Heather! Love your site :) I was browsing earlier & thought I saw a link to the effect of “10 must-follow Christian women on Pinterest” but I don’t see it now. Is this something that’s normally on your site, & I’m just missing it? Or, it’s completely possible I’m just confused… :D thanks!