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{Motherhood Series} Finale: A Day in the Life of a SAHM

Over the past several months we have been featuring stories from mothers in different stages of life and with different motherhood stories. This is the final post in the Series: we all committed to blogging about our day – Today.  At the end check out links to “a day in the life” of the other mommy bloggers, too!

Monday, December 17th 2012

12:01am – I decide to go back to the kitchen and get the cough syrup because I can’t stop coughing.

1:15am – BulldozerBaby is fussing.  I think he must have wet his diaper.  He is saying something over and over but I don’t understand him.  The cough syrup obviously is working because I fall back asleep despite my concern.

1:45am – I kick nudge RockstarDad and grunt, indicating that he should go change BulldozerBaby’s diaper.  Ever since I stopped nursing BB in July he won’t let me do bedtime or night-changings; he still wants to nurse and will wail bloody murder if I put him to bed.  Ergo RockstarDad gets all middle-o-the-night baby activities.  I am very grateful and yet (slightly, secretly, ashamedly) happy that he gets to do it since I had to for the first 14 months when I got up every three hours to nurse…

3am – I think RockstarDad had to get up again.  I’m not sure.  I think there is codeine in the cough syrup.

5am – BB is wailing again.  RD gets up and changes him again.  I think he turns off his alarm.  He snuggles me.  Because he is awesome.

5:30am – I decide I better get up and take my shower before RD leaves.  Otherwise I might not get one.  (Experience is a cruel teacher.)  I remember to practice gratitude in the shower, praying for everyone and thing I am grateful for.  My mood improves considerably.  I start to do some yoga and get into it about five minutes when BB wakes up screaming.  I get him out of the crib and take him to the kitchen with me.

6:00am – I heat up some leftover dairy-free quiche (frozen in individual serving sizes) for breakfast.  I still have no appetite so I save the rest for RocketGirl.  RockstarDad decides he would rather have a biscuit, but BulldozerBaby devours his quiche.  BB takes his plate to the kitchen all by himself for the first time.  He is adorable.   Both the kids have chores: set and clear the table as soon as they are old enough to walk, help empty the dishwasher, clean up toys, etc. and RocketGirl makes her own bed. 

7:00am- RG rolls out of bed.  She has breakfast at the table and sees the drawings her daddy left for her.  (RD is a pretty good artist.)  RG’s in a great mood and I am so very grateful.  It’s been weeks since the kids have been healthy and happy.  They watch Sesame Street (without whining, hurting one another or bothering me – W00t!) while I work on the computer – checking emails, typing this, etc.

8:00am – I dress the kids and head out the door.  RG has preschool today.  I am grateful for her wonderful teachers.  She is so excited to be back after a week out sick. Continue reading

A day in the life

When I was working full-time and first considered staying at home with my daughter I was really curious about what the typical day would look like.  So, here I offer you what a typical day in our house looks like.  (To learn more about RocketGirl – age 3 1/2 – and BulldozerBaby – age 1 – check out this post.)

Around 5:30am, RockstarDad gets up and gets BulldozerBaby and lays him down next to me to nurse.  (This sounds way more sweet than it is because I have already gotten up three times with fussy Mr. BulldozerBaby since going to bed at midnight.)  BulldozerBaby nurses for 10 minutes and then jumps on me and yells “Go! Go! Go!”  So, I take him downstairs to play with RockstarDad’s socks while I make breakfast.  RocketGirl already requested grits and eggs for breakfast so that’s what I start working on.  RocketGirl summarily hears RockstarDad talking to me as he is getting dressed and thumps down the stairs to see him before he leaves.

RocketGirl’s Binder

It is now 6:15am.  I have not showered, dressed or even gone to the bathroom yet.  RockstarDad leaves by 6:30am and I feed the kids breakfast.  I grab RocketGirl’s binder and give her some mazes to do while I chomp down a bowl of cereal.

Since BulldozerBaby is now covered head-to-toe in grits I strip us both down and take a quick shower.  As we all know, showering while holding a baby is not relaxing or terribly effective.  Blah.  I get us both dressed anyway and figure maybe I will get my own shower eventually.  RocketGirl cleared the table in my absence and is now running around the house singing.

I get RocketGirl’s school supplies out and set her down with today’s lesson.  Letter tracing first while I cut out the parts of the Birds preschool pack.  We work on schoolwork while BulldozerBaby entertains himself on the floor with blocks.

We play with play dough next (at RocketGirl’s request).  I meditate on how I am just going to do “one thing at a time” today and focus on my beautiful daughter.  Within two seconds of taking my focus off of BulldozerBaby he has eaten a mouthful of green play dough.  He is screaming and green goo is oozing between his teeth. Continue reading