{Going Primal} Paleo Meal Plan

Happy New Year, Everybody!

New Year’s day I plan to enjoy a traditional Southern supper with my family and then Go Primal with this awesome Paleo Meal Plan.

Paleo Meal Plan


  • Pork for Progress
  • Collard Greens for Wealth,
  • Black-Eyed Peas for Prosperity and
  • Cornbread!

(We decided to go low-country this year and have shrimp-n-grits instead of pork, but here’s a link to a great description (plus photos) of what the meal means and what it should look like.)  

Isn’t that a great way to start a new year?  With the hope and expectation of progress, economic gain and personal prosperity!

That’s exactly what I’m looking forward to as we Go Primal this January!  Let’s learn something new, lose some weight, get healthy and save some money!

I have a bunch of great offers and giveaways so please tell all your friends!  To start, here is a great offer from Plan To Eat: a free one-month trial of their software and then an automatic 20% off discount for all Cube2Farm readers!  W00t!

Plan to Eat is a fantastic family-run business that doesn’t make you give up your credit card info before giving you the free month’s trial; it really is completely risk free, so please do yourself a favor and at least check them out!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I have planned out all my meals for the first half of January and if you sign up for Plan To Eat you can have access to all of the recipes!  And, oh boy, have I searched and saved all sorts of delicious recipes for you all.  Already I’ve prepared and frozen the following.

Preparation of Paleo To-Go Foods:

For more of my prep work, check out my previous post here.

A couple of the great meals I’ve planned for the rest of the week:

Please join Plan to Eat and share this journey with me!  The plan starts December 31st with a Yogi Cleanse and then, with the exception of the non-Paleo fare for New Year’s Day supper, it is straight Paleo/Primal… Let the experimentation begin!

What are your New Year’s food traditions?

Remember to check out my  for great ideas, too!

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2 Responses to {Going Primal} Paleo Meal Plan

  1. Helo!
    Thanks so much for referencing and linking to our “Traditional Southern New Year’s Day” post! Your primal diet sounds interesting. We eat a lot of food from our garden, but there are many other things that we need to drop from our diet. I’m going to have a look around at your site and hope to get inspired to clean up our diet!

    • Mom @ Cube2Farm

      Thanks so much, Jane! Hope you find some inspiration here. I’ve been trying to cut out all processed foods for years, but it is so easy to fall back into old habits when life gets busy. Hopefully we both will be successful in our ventures this year. Best of luck to you!