Preparing to Go Primal – a month of Reality

Our past week has been a little crazy with not much sleep and a lot of crying.  Babies with ear infections cry.  A lot.  And sleep little.  Sigh.  Then it turned out that the whole family was struck with the real-deal influenza virus.  Ugh.  Have you ever had one of those weeks?  Where being a mama just wears you out?

The whole family, including me, is down for the count.  I guess that’s just one more reason preparing and contingency-planning is so important to me. You may have heard that I am preparing to “Go Primal” January 1st.  Because I am a prepper-type of lady (not to mention completely OCD) I have been doing a ton of groundwork for that day.  Hopefully all my research and planning will help out you, too!

Things I have been doing to prepare for the Primal Challenge

  1. Scouring the internet for tasty Paleo recipes to try.  You should see my .  It is loaded with all sorts of wonderful dishes!
  2. Making ahead snack foods, breakfasts and condiments that will be easy to grab next month so I don’t slip up and buy something preprocessed.
    1. homemade nut butters out of pumpkin seeds and cashews and almonds,
    2. wheat-free breakfasts like sausage/egg casserolespaleo pancakes and gluten-free muffins for the freezer,
    3. dairy-free “cheese” from cashews,
    4. “chips” made from sweet potatoes and beets,
    5. grain-free snack bars, and
    6. make-ahead freezer spaghetti squash bake.
  3. Testing pre-processed “cheats” beforehand .. just in case.
  • Stocking up on pie pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash, coconut oil, organic eggs (cracked, whipped and frozen), coconut/almond flour and coconut cream concentrate from Tropical Traditions (review forthcoming.)  About 90% of the best Paleo recipes I have found seem to rely on at least one of these ingredients.
  • Planning out the rest of my meals using Plan-to-Eat.  (Review forthcoming.  Spoiler alert: I think it is the best meal planning tool EVER!!!)
  • Praying for conviction when I abuse food for emotional reasons, make poor food decisions that go against my values, eat out of boredom or overeat when stressed or in pain.  I know this might sound a little odd, but it really is working.  I learned of the method from and have really been working on being mindful of what I am thinking while I am eating and praying for heavenly guidance along the way.
  • Enjoying holiday fare without guilt.  I know that it kind of contradicts the previous point, but – at the end of the day – family and friends come first this season and I don’t want to overload them with all my necessary dietary restrictions in addition to ones I *choose* to inflict upon myself.  I want to enjoy being with the people I love who live hundreds of miles away that I only get to see once a year.
  •  How are you preparing? Which products are you willing to “cheat” with?

    Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

    Disclosures: Image credit goes to Lance McCord permitted by Creative Commons licensing.  I am an affiliate for Kitchen Stewardship and Plan to Eat and will receive a small commission on any purchases you might make using affiliate links.  View my full disclosure statement here.

    Remember to check out my  for great ideas, too!

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