Gone Paleo – Adventures in the Primal Diet

New Year’s day I enjoyed a traditional Southern supper with my family and then Went Primal with this awesome Paleo Meal Plan.

New Year's Feast HeaderThe traditional Southern meal for New Year’s is pork, collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread but this year we changed it up by going with a coastal favorite and substituting shrimp and grits for the pork (which I don’t eat anyway).

Cornbread in Skillet copy Cornbread Slices copy Homemade Champagne copy





I also made the traditional collard greens with bacon and hot sauce as well as black-eyed peas – rehydrated and boiled with more bacon! (My husband is loving this part of the Primal Plan :) )

And RockstarDad experimented with the and a bottle of Riesling to make an incredible homemade champagne!  (The kids had bubbly apple juice – organic and homemade!  They LOVED it.)

Going Primal – Living Paleo

January 2nd we got into the Paleo thing full-swing, starting our morning with a chorizo/egg casserole made with leftover onions, greens and red peppers.

Breakfast Casserole

For lunch we ate leftovers.  They weren’t bad.  I should have warmed them up, though.  BulldozerBaby ended up eating all my sausage and greens and I probably should’ve omitted the Black-Eyed Peas, but I was in a hurry so this is what we ate.

Gone Paleo

Because RocketGirl was in school and BulldozerBaby decided he could handle the gym childcare I even got to work out – caveman style!  Not.  I did the stair-climber, elliptical and some old-school sit-ups.  (I totally didn’t make it in time to catch the Ashtanga class I was aiming for.)

And for dinner spaghetti squash with meatballs (using organic, lean ground turkey).  I thought it tasted really good, although nothing like real spaghetti, and not as filling.  Everyone else had their own carb-heavy version although they each relented and tried the squash, too.

SpaghettiSquash copyDHsquashnite copyBBdidnteat copyRGmidmeal copy










The kids and I snacked periodically on sliced veggies – celery, carrots, red peppers – and these awesome bars from Mark’s Daily Apple, but otherwise we kept the snacking to a minimum.

I was a little light-headed during the day, but didn’t really have to battle the hunger-monster until the evening.   I was totally starving by the time I put the kids to bed so I also baked myself a pear and ate that for dessert.  I think part of my problem was not drinking enough water while my body was detoxing.

Don’t forget the great offer from Plan To Eat: a free one-month trial of their software and then an automatic 20% off discount for all Cube2Farm readers!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I have planned out all my meals for the first half of January and if you sign up for Plan To Eat you can have access to all of the recipes!  And, oh boy, have I searched and saved all sorts of delicious recipes for you all.

How are you doing on Day 2 of Primal/Paleo?

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