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{Giveaway} Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review

TropTradCoconutOil copyI use coconut oil daily for almost every aspect of life.  I use it for cooking  – both as a butter/vegetable oil substitute and to fry up pretty much anything in the skillet – from eggs and pancakes to sweet potato fries.  I use it for beautiful skin – as a moisturizer, as the primary component of lotions and salves, as a make-up remover and “personal” moisturizer.  (Remember the post I did on how it is a lifesaver for  sore nursing mommies with teething babies?)

Going Paleo this month I am sure to use a ton of coconut oil for cooking and fat/oil supplementation.  It seems like nearly 90% of the Paleo recipes I’ve found call for either coconut oil or coconut cream concentrate.  And the only place I’ve been able to find coconut cream concentrate is through this great company called Tropical Traditions.  Come to find out they also carry great deals on bulk coconut oil and coconut flour, too!

After writing them to find out if they have an affiliate program, which they totally do, I received a free sample of their Gold Label Virgin coconut oil to review and found out that they are willing to offer you readers some, too! Continue reading

Teaching Preschoolers about Stranger Danger

Teaching our kids about personal safety

[This post is part of the "In Defense Of" Series]

This isn’t a topic that I am really anxious to talk about with my kids.  I want my children to be inquisitive and friendly.  I don’t want them to be afraid of people.  On the other hand I also want them to be safe.  I want them to be confident and self-aware.  The only way to ensure that they are, though, is to teach them.

I decided it was time to talk to my 3 year-old daughter about “stranger danger” when she told me that the UPS guy and the grocery store cashier were her “friends.”  Every kid is different, but RockstarGirl seems to learn best from TV.  (Don’t ask me why; I was SO against kids watching TV before I had any.)  So I did a lot of research and came up with the Safe Side DVDs.  [Safe Side Kids was founded by John Walsh (America's Most Wanted host) and Julie Clark (Baby Einstein creator) in 2005.]

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