{Motherhood Series} What to do when Hubby isn’t on board

Welcome back to the “Motherhood” series! This post was written by Brenda at Triple Braided. If you missed the last post in the series, please check back HERE.

Guest post by Brenda at Triple Braided

So your happily-ever-after is finally coming true. Nesting is in full force. You’re now a wife. You have a baby. And you can settle down and do what your heart has yearned for since you were a little girl – you can be a full-time wife and mommy.

But wait! There’s only one problem!

You kinda forgot, didn’t really think, to talk about that dream conviction with your fiance-now-turned-husband, and he has slightly different plans. “Be a stay-at-home wife and mother? Are you kidding me?” He looks at you with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

Suddenly your dream is crushed. Your convictions seem null and void. You try to rationalize a different way in your mind, but you feel so strongly about the importance of being at home. Then you wonder if there’s something wrong with you. If you’re wrong. If you’re selfish.

Join me, Brenda at Triple Braided, as I unpack what I have learned this past year as a wife with a baby and a husband who wants her to work outside the home despite her desperate desire to be at home!