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I feel fantastic! My belly seems a lot smaller, but I forgot to measure at the beginning so I can’t *prove* it to you.  My pants fit way better, though.  Some that were tight right after Christmas are now loose – W00t!  I don’t get heartburn at night anymore and I have way more energy.  Come to find out that on top of all my other allergies I might just have a gluten sensitivity, too.  So this new diet – this new way of LIFE! – is perfect for me.  I’ve learned so much.  I can’t wait to share with you.

First, though, a recipe review.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Paleo Recipe Review

PaleoPizza copy

Paleo Pizza: I loved the Paleo Pizza.  My family did not.  I think it had to do with the type of crust I made, though.  I used this recipe from #ThisChickCooks and added cornflour (bad idea – adding cornmeal, not the recipe).  Next time I am going to either use the unmodified recipe or try this one from #RealSustenance instead.


Greek Salad with leftover grilled chicken: Pretty standard in our house for lunch. The kids and I both love olives and red peppers and I can’t get enough balsamic vinegar with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for dressing.  Other than the ingredients you see on top I also add powdered garlic and Bragg’s herb seasoning.

Paleo Coconut Muffins

Paleo Coconut Muffins: Very dense.  Very filling.  Yummy the first few times and then they get a little old (the coconut flour is almost gritty and a little too much fiber for my taste – maybe it’s the brand I’m using?).  Plus, if I think about the fact that they are 50% eggs I kind of get grossed out.  Otherwise pretty good.  Now that we realize BulldozerBaby also has an egg allergy, though, these might not become a standard recipe in the rotation.  [I used this recipe from #BalancedBites.]


Cilantro Pesto, Almond-Encrusted Tilapia: By far a family favorite!  (Especially surprising because RockstarDad insists he hates Cilantro.)  This recipe was from #PaleOMG and was as absolutely, fabulously awesome as described.  Awesome!


Sweet Potato Chips: A little more work than expected, but pretty good.    I ended up cutting my hands pretty bad using my new mandoline that my awesome MIL got me for Christmas, but after I got the hang of it I was thrilled that I could make chips this thin.  I followed the directions in the recipe from #PaleOMG but ended up having to broil the chips after baking to get them just right.  BulldozerBaby and I like them, but RockstarDad and RocketGirl didn’t.  For me, they satisfy the need for crunch in a filling and healthier manner.  Totally a recipe-keeper.


Pumpkin “Cream” Chicken Casserole: Also from PaleOMG.  Up to this point we have LOVED every recipe from PaleOMG.  But Family HATED this one.  I loved it at first bite and then couldn’t finish.  I’m not sure if it was just too rich or what.  Maybe I did something wrong?  I had to throw out nearly the whole pan :(  Frightfully disappointing.

I also relied on my prepared PALEO GO-TO FOODS this week:

  •  - fabulous!  (full review HERE)
  • Amazing Grass Chocolate Meal Replacement powder - Review and recipe for protein smoothie HERE.
  • homemade nut butters out of pumpkin seeds, cashews and walnuts,
  • homemade Paleo bars from Mark’s Daily Apple (awesome),
  • Earth Fare’s veggie chips – I think they are fried and then dehydrated squash, sweet potato, beets and green beans.

For more of my prep work, check out my previous post here.


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What are your favorite Paleo Recipes?

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