What To Look For In Dieting Programs

Ranking Healthy Dieting Programs

Different diets have different end goals. Some may be designed to lower blood pressure, while others are developed with the aim of maintaining good blood sugar levels for diabetics. Some diets are exceptionally easy to follow while the opposite is true for others. In order to find the best diet for your needs, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I want to diet from scratch or should I sign up for a commercial diet plan?

To be successful, dieters must feel that they are eating tasty foods and that they have a feeling of fullness at the end of a meal. Commercial diets often include meals and snacks to keep dieters on target in the early stages of weight loss. When those foods are heart healthy and keep blood sugar levels within a healthy range, they may be a better choice than a go-it-alone approach. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig make it easy for their clients to lose weight and stay healthy.

2. Is the diet easy to follow?

Lemonade Diet Recipe won’t work at all if they are too difficult to follow and there are a surprising range of things that make diet programs impossible for many people to do successfully. Consider this list and use it to determine if your new diet is easy to follow:

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* The food is tasty. When diets are filled with bland foods, dieters simply can’t help themselves and will head off for late-night binge sessions or a visit to a fast food joint to get their taste buds going. Make sure that the recipes are satisfying on the flavor front.

* How many foods are on the “Forbidden List?” Very few foods are unhealthy all on their own. Your diet should include a great deal of variety. The “Favorite Foods List” should be much longer than the “Forbidden.”

* Recipes include foods that you are familiar with. Take the time to see what’s on the recipe list before you sign up for the diet. If the ingredient list is too long, it is doubtful that you’ll be able to stick to the diet. Make sure you like the ingredients that are included as well since you’ll be required to fill up on the food.

When a diet has tasty, flavorful recipes that are simple to make and very few foods are absolutely forbidden, dieters learn to be more creative in the food choices as they move forward. A general rule is that the easier a diet is to follow, the easier it will be to adapt to keep the weight off. Eating shouldn’t be difficult. Diets should be created with that in mind.

3. What are the best diets for healthy eating?

Not all diets are made the same and when it comes to overall healthiness, there are three diets that are the clear leaders of the pack. While the weight won’t drop off quickly on any of these, it will drop off slowly and leave your heart in good condition, and your diabetes under control. The DASH, TLC, and Mediterranean diets top the list when it comes to overall health.

* The DASH diet is safe and nutritionally sound. Developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to help keep blood pressure at healthy levels, it used individual information such as age and activity levels to help people plan a diet that is perfect for them. Benefits include lower blood pressures and better cholesterol levels. When exercise is added, dieters report weight loss as well.

* The TLC (Therapeutic Life Style Changes) diet was developed by the NIH to help lower cholesterol. It is very low in saturated fat and high in fiber, Dieters eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and proteins such as beans, fish, and chicken. There are many plate combinations which makes the TLC diet very easy to use.

* The Mediterranean diet helps with weight loss, cancer prevention, diabetes control, and with heart health. Users are encouraged to drink the occasional glass of red wine as they dine on seafood and fish twice a week and enjoy cooking with a wide variety of aromatic herbs. The food is designed to make dieters feel full at the end of the meal which makes it very easy to stick to.